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Post by Mars on Wed May 16, 2018 5:56 pm

• Guild Purpose and Focus

Black Sheep is a casual yet focused Raiding Guild. Our goal is to complete each expansions content before the next is released. Raids are run Between Sunday and Thursday. With other events filled between.

Our members are driven to succeed and have the most fun doing it, but at the same time, we're mature players with families, work commitments, and in general lives outside of the game. We do our best to focus on progression while also being respectful that RL > Game. While we understand real life happens, please let us know if you won't be available for an extended period of time. 

All members must be over the age of 18. In some cases, the children of already-established members may join with the parents’ permission, and with the understanding that the parent is responsible for their children. We expect the parents to know how we behave and that we will not be asked to change our behavior if your children are in the guild and logged in.

• Know your Role

What this means is:
~If you’re the Tank, you should know your taunts and attacks and use them appropriately, know your abilities to gain and control aggro etc.
~Finger wigglers should know how to control their aggro, dump aggro when gained, where to stand and why etc
~Healers should know when and how to heal, what buffs are needed-when and why etc
~Rogues know most of all about positioning around a mob. Stealth, Evade and again aggro control etc

Essentially know your character and play them to the best of your ability. That is all anyone can ask.
(If you need help learning a class, find someone who will teach you, many are willing to share their knowledge of Everquest.)

• "We help those that help themselves"

This is a Core principle of the Guild. It is our belief that everyone that chooses to recruit to Black Sheep is a self-sufficient and productive person.

Asking for general help on a quest is expected and encouraged from all members. That is one of the reasons we are all here, you do things that are greater than ourselves.

Setting up events to get things done and leading them is the best way to get maximum turnout for the help you need.

However, if you find yourself having to continually ask questions about commonly known things or requesting someone to essentially "hold your hand" through a quest or zone or common situation, then perhaps this is not the Guild for you.

All members have access to the internet and therefore can easily research quests for common knowledge regarding them, maps, Mobs and general information about the game.

In short, if you're expected to use the tools available to empower yourself before berating others for their help. Frequently asking for assistance for things that others are self-sufficient at is not condoned and don't be surprised when 'no one wants to help you'.

However, those that help themselves first, when they need help on something are likely to get it quickly.

• Social Interactions

This guild consists of mature adults. The discussions can be very adult and crude at times. We are not a guild that prohibits foul language...

However, there is a limit. Overly excessive use will be frowned upon and dealt with. Try not to use the "F" word more than once each sentence...

We are not a spawn stealing guild - we do acknowledge camps and people’s right to them.

Any guild member who intentionally steals a camp or trains an individual will be subject to possible removal. This includes pulling the mob at a raid without the raid officer’s approval in an attempt to wipe the guild.

If you feel that you are being mistreated by another player, then first approach them in tells about the situation. Politely ask them to understand your presence and to refrain from further action. If they continue to be jerks, then speak with an online officer about the situation. We do not expect you to bend over and take shit from the whole server, but please try to be professional about it before acting; many times, things are simple misunderstandings and can be worked out.

Complete rudeness to other players is not accepted (guild or not) ... all accusations will be filed and if there is a pattern you will be disbanded. -this does not include misread jokes or teasing, as many of our members seem to like to do.

We will not throw hissy fits when other players are not as polite - This guild is expected to be MATURE!!

We pay close attention to any complaints we receive from guild members whether from another member or a non-member. Each incident will be investigated... please take screenshots as this is a very large help!!!

• Don't be a Drama Mama

Drama will NOT be tolerated in any form. This includes fights in “Guild Chat” and fights that may happen on the forums. Some of the offenses are below:

-Posting Rants about another player.
-Posting with the intent of causing an issue with another player
-anything else that could cause some form of in-game or forum “war” with another player

Obviously, this list is NOT all inclusive and you should use some discretion. We are NOT saying that you cannot take issue with someone in the guild; we ARE saying that you need to do so either in private or through an officer of your choice.

There is a 0-tolerance policy towards drama. If you are causing drama then you will have action taken against you. The action may mean suspension or demotion of rank to immediate guild removal. This will be handled at the leadership’s discretion and on a case-by-case basis.
In the case of drama, a panel will be set up to look at it and render a decision based on what they feel is right. That panel will consist of 1 leader and 2 additional officers. The decision that is made will be final.

We are 1 guild, with 1 purpose. Treat each other with respect; treat each other the way you want to be treated in return.
If you think or feel inclined, to start a fight – ignore the other person, log out of the game, or avoid the forums. Distance yourself from it because once it spills over into guild chat, game chat, or the forums – it will be dealt with.

• Guild Communications

The guild will use two main forms of game communication; primarily a private Discord Server and secondly, Black Sheep guild chat channels in game.

Currently, Discord is REQUIRED for all guild members. A microphone is not needed, but you do need to be able to log into the server and can listen as needed for Raids, Groups and the like.

During Events or raids, chatter should be kept to a minimum in the common forms of communication. This means Discord and Guild chat channels. Tells, group say etc are all great ways to keep the fun alive.

Being that we are an older crowd, joke telling, cursing, picking on each other and such things are allowed. As long as it’s not derogatory to a person or a personal attack based on their race, religion, sexual preference, anything goes as long as it’s done in good humor. We are a freewheeling guild who likes to have fun and enjoy the game.

If language is an issue for you, need not apply, the guild will not be censored as a whole to suit one person. Guild chat can also be used to answer any type of questions on a quest, maybe a named you are looking for or whatever you need. We encourage all members to speak up in guild chat and ask for help if needed as you are more likely to receive it this way then sending tells to one person. Helping on quests and such is also a good way for everyone to have fun with your guild mates and get to know them better. If nobody can help at that time because everyone is busy, and you are having a hard time getting a quest done, please bring to one of the officer’s attention or post on the forums and we will schedule some time to help. As we get to higher levels and those harder quests that can’t be done with just a couple people, we plan to schedule some quest nights where we can all get on and help each other knock out those hard quests
Additionally, Guild communications can and will be exchanged here at

• Grievances

In the event that an incident between Guild Members cannot be amicably resolved between the concerned parties and/or an Officer as a Mediator; the following steps should be taken:

1. Screenshots, logs, and any other supporting information should be forwarded to an Officer for review along with a brief description of the exact nature of the complaint against the offending member.

2. Disassociate yourself with the member you have a grievance against. If you do not chances are your continued interaction will only compound the problem.

3. Keep in contact with your Officer Advocate. If things change, get worse; continue etc. you should notify them immediately, again supplying full documentation.

4. Realize that a solution may not come overnight. It takes the Officers some time to investigate and confirm and loose ends. Be patient and request updates as needed. Your Officer Advocate will tell you directly the resolution agreed upon by the Officer Core.

5. If an adequate resolution is not reached, your grievance should be referred directly to the Guild Leadership Council for final arbitration. Again, this may take a period of time as he looks at all the information provided again, conducts interviews if needed, and investigates any statements made.

• Guild Policy Changes

All rules are subject to change without prior notice. It is the intent of the Guild Administration to keep its members up to date as much as possible, however, it is not the Guild Leader nor his Officers responsibility to specifically inform you the member of changes to the rules, though the best effort shall be made to do so.

Do as ye wish and harm ye none!

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Guild Play Nice Policy Empty Re: Guild Play Nice Policy

Post by Mars on Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:43 pm

Mars wrote:• Ghosting
We understand real life happens, please let us know if you won't be available for an extended period of time. Please communicate to the guild what your intentions are around playing on the server. If you have pixels that you borrowed from the guild or other players - be responisbile and return them. We welcome, the use of guild toons for example: epic clerics can be parked in strategic locations that benefit the guild. 

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